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Published: 27 November 2015

By Andy Ross

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Tea towels and Facebook

Sometimes I am a little slow on the uptake! Thank goodness for people who understand things like Facebook...

Facebook to me is a way to let people know about interesting things and to learn from what other people post. Strange as it may seem, I do not really think about Facebook as a way to show our products. Maybe it is the difference for me between social life and business life? Or maybe my brain just does not work that particular way, being hardwired into traditional forms of advertising. 

Tea towels Tea towelsThis week, Kirsty put onto the GlobalYell Facebook site a picture of our tea towels. In fact, it is the very picture on this page. And almost immediately people started to look at the towels and asking questions about them. I suddenly realised that what I have been missing all this time is a (very obvious) way of speaking to people about things like tea towels, and along the way, letting people know what we are up to and informing people about what we are doing. I won't make that mistake again and I guess that is why it is called Social Media!

If you want to join us on Facebook, click here, and thanks Kirsty for a lesson in 21st Century life. Better late than never, huh?