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Published: 03 March 2018

By Andy Ross

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The Fabric of Tibet

Tibet has had a pull for travellers and explorers for centuries, sitting, as it does, three miles above sea level and surrounded by mountains. 

Livng so far up is a challenge, not the least of which is keeping warm in the snow and cool in the heat, and Tibetans have created some beautiful and efficient garments with the flexibility to be worn year round. 

The TIbet Relief Fund, which looks after a fabulous collection of paintings and drawings plus the research which informed those artefacts, is now crowdfunding a book of the art works and writings for distribution to Tibetan exiles and the diaspora. The originals were created in the 1980's by the British artist Anne Jennings Brown who worked with the Tibetan exile community in Dharamsala in the early 1980s, recording their regional dress in detail. The book will include these artworks, some of which you can see in the video on the crowdfunding page. 

Our copy of the Fabric of Tibet is on order and I am looking forward immensely to seeing it. You too can help and get a copy of this book by following this link to the page on Indiegogo. 

Many thanks to Margaret, a reader who sent us this link. All such contirbutions are very gratefully received. 

(Image courtesy of Tibet Relief Fund)