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Published: 04 August 2013

By Andy Ross

Vocal (r)evolutions

Voices help us to communicate. Here is what some modern communicators are doing with theirs!

Two of our readers this week have sent in links to things voice-related which got me pondering.  I don't think that anything wins over an amazing choral performance like this one from UNESCO's intangible heritage list of Georgian Polyphonic singing, or this chorus from John Adam's Nixon in China.  How about this uplifting version of Sing! from the African Children's Choir or the high-energy songs from Grease. But, for solos, what about this amazing performance from Tez, a beatboxer who one of our subscribers saw working his magic at a performance of Coco Rosie in London, and is this from Beardyman a next step to creating one-person choirs? Check out this rapper from Norway who is using his native language, Sami, to keep an identity alive. How amazing voices really are!