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Published: 09 July 2022

By Andy Ross

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Eskay of Wellington

North and South Islands sit in the middle of the textile. 

While unpacking boxes this week a piece of mid century kiwiana has come to light. 

This head square is silk, and on it are printed New Zealand's two islands and highlights from the country. It looks like a piece that was made for the tourist market, maybe domestic tourism. Whatever it was made for it is in great condition and the images of the scenery are beautifully designed, sharp and clear.

Two of the scenic places to visit are depicted on the square.

Unfortunately, even though the label is present - Eskay of Wellington - there is no other information and there does not seem to be anything on the internet. Can anyone out there in blogland shed any light on its possible origin or the history of similar pieces? Any information that comes through, even if it seems insignificant, will help tell the story of this rather wonderful textile.