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Published: 31 March 2018

By Andy Ross

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Easter greetings

The Christian celebration of Easter with its eggs, bunnies, fluffy yellow chicks and other similar cuteness is here and along with it some pretty creative ideas!

Around the world  people are going to church and eating traditional meals, as has long been the case but there is also egg-knocking, kite flying, paper cutting and firelighting to be enjoyed across the globe. Even in this Far North part of the UK we are hiding chocolate eggs (eating some along the way, it has to be said) in preparation for The Big Day. 

At this most hopeful time of the year, when the daffodils are peeking out of the soil and the last of the snowdrops has just finished, when the larks have begun to sing and the oystercatchers are courting, when the sun is higher each day and the light stays around for longer, when the buds on the bushes and trees are unfurling and the first lambs are in the fields, we wish you all a very Happy Easter whatever your beliefs. And to celebrate here is a piece of cloth from the USA which we have in our collection. Have a wonderful peaceful long weekend all!