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Published: 04 September 2021

By Andy Ross

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Discovering Textiles - Fred J Maroon

Known for his photographs of people and places, Fred J Maroon was cajouled into photographing fashion.

Between the years 1966 to 1970 he embarked on a series of fashion shoots in exotic locations. Having never photographed fashion before (it was thanks, apparently,  to a large bottle of Scotch and a convincing editor that we have these images) he flew to Mongolia where he photographed pieces from the cashmere industry. The story of fur followed in Leningrad, the Silk Route of Afghanistan provided another spectacular setting, fashion inspired by Native American dress was filmed at the Grand Canyon, Japan, Jamaica, Alsaka and Moscow. 

Nowadays it would be impossible to get to some of the places the photographer visited. This collection captures a particular moment that could never be repeated in a series of unique and wonderful images.