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Published: 10 December 2014

By Andy Ross

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"Printing" a dress

Browsing through the emails that come into my inbox each day, this dress caught my eye, not only because of its design but because it is made using the most modern of technologies.

Although I am loath to call it 3D printing after listening to a talk about why we should not call it so (the speaker preferred the term "fabrication" or "rapid prototyping"), this dress was fabricated out of plastic in an absolutely fascinating way. The dress was first designed and then the design was "folded" up so that it could fit into the machine to be made. The "printing" process (see the movie on the link here) resulted in a shapeless mass but when the excess material was washed away, a crumpled dress lay there. And look how it moves as the model walks. It swings and sways because of the design and the structure. Marvellous in all sense of the word.

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