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Published: 02 September 2017

By Andy Ross

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The magic of double weave

Did you know that there is a way to make two layers of cloth at the same time? Or cones? Or tubes? There is and it is a technique known as double weave. 

Double weave, also known as double cloth, is probably familar to most of us in the UK because it is the way in which the distinctive cloths of Wales are created. For an explanation of how double cloth works have a look at this link but be careful! It may give you a headache...

This week in the studio we have been working on simple double weave on eight shafts. Weaving two layers, one in black and one in white has given us lots of new ideas and it is thanks to Teresa who has now finished her stay in Yell that we were able to do some of this work. 

For examples of some of the effects that double weave can be used for have a look at this Google search. Amazing, huh? And you will see that some of the pictures are of baskets from the USA where the First Nations people used the technique to make sturdy and beautiful utilitarian vessels. 

Much experimentation needs to happen for this to be of any use to us, but thank you Teresa for helping us along the way.