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Published: 22 December 2017

By Andy Ross

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Can anyone help?

We are spending Christmas in Wales and the second hand shops in Swansea have already come up trumps!

The Air Ambulance shop always has great bargains. I saw this beautiful bedspread and just had to have it for the collection. It is double cloth woven so it is very heavy, and it is also huge, big enough for a double bed with masses to spare. There is no label on the piece and I wonder, dear readers, if any of you know anything about where this could have been made or what age it is. The bedspread is made of wool with intricate tassels, as you can see from the picture which shows both sides of the piece, and it must have been treasured because it is in very good condition. Please send us a message if you can help.

Thank you Air Ambulance shop! You have made a great start to our holiday.