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Published: 28 May 2016

By Andy Ross

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Shetland dialect

Up here in the Far North of the UK we like our dialect. Lots. We like it so much that we name The Shetland Tweed Company cloths using dialect words...

...words like "Veev" which means bright and lively, or "Blett", a spot of ground of a distinctive colour (according to the online dictionary). But this week a friend sent in a link to an interesting film that he had made last year which is all in dialect. 

The explanation of the project below is taken from the YouTube page where the film appears. Have a read of it and then watch the video. I hope you like the sound of the dialect as much as we do, even if you do not understand it all...

"Alone in his home in Lisbon Jose Fernandes Wrote 'The Disquiet Diaries'

He left the manuscript unpublished in a box like an unused letter.

The diaries were published after his death.

Samuel Laurence, a Shetland man who lived alone all his life, translated and re-worked the text after reading it in English.

He translated it into Shetland, the dialect that he spoke and thought in, re-setting the book in the place he called his home."