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Published: 21 March 2012

By Andy Ross

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Desperately seeking...

Does anyone know where I can find barkcloth for screen printing onto? Barkcloth is the generic name for the rough fabric that was used in the 1950's and early sixties for furnishings, and I know that it still is being made somewhere in the world...

If you liked the fifties and the fabulous designs that were around, have a look at this website. http://www.barkclothhawaii.com/ And if you want to know where the name comes from (the furnishing fabric resembles the original barkcloth) have a look at this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhznFtHhkBo.

Our friends had a farm in the wilds of Zimbabwe which we used to visit often, even during the dark days of the civil war. It was always peaceful and quiet, surrounded by animals and birds, and the lady of the house had great taste in curtains and cushions. The rooms were decorated with beautiful fabrics, I think locally produced by the David Whitehead factory, and my favourites were the atomic patterns, printed onto barkcloth. This pinterest board has really taken my eye! http://pinterest.com/theatomichouse/barkcloth-vintage-fabrics/