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Published: 02 October 2021

By Andy Ross

Design for Weave

A new learning programme by weaver Laura Thomas explains and explores design for weave. 

Many good weavers work out how to create fabrics through trial and error, with many hours spent on sampling and experimenting. It is a good way to learn about the qualities of materials and there are often unexpected and useful results. Design, though, is a skilled process, a series of activities that leads to a satisfactory conclusion, and it is used to research, explore and enrich a cloth. It is especially useful when weavers are working to a brief, whether it is one's own or comes from another, because it keeps the boundaries of what is wanted and what is possible clear. Design can help reduce waste of effort and waste of materials too. 

This new course by Laura Thomas looks at the various steps in the design process through the eyes of a weaver. It is a clear and easy-to-understand programme that will lead weavers to using design in their projects. 

(Laura Thomas is an award-winning weaver with a degree from Birmingham City University, an MA from the Royal College of Art, a successful weaving practice and a reputation for education. We are planning to hold a Masterclass with Laura in Shetland in 2023 as part of a textile conference.)