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Published: 06 June 2020

By Andy Ross

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Decolonising Museums

Many artefacts in museums and collections across the globe have their origins in the colonial past. While they may have played a part in bringing together knowledge of other, previously unknown worlds, and while they have also had a profound effect on design and art, (have a look at this page about the painter Modigliani), the truth is that many of these pieces come with a loaded legacy of misunderstanding. 

There is a growing movement to "decolonise" collections. By reinterpreting pieces, new stories are emerging. There are also conversations about returning pieces to their original source: repatriation. Out of these movements will come new understanding and new ideas such as this one of Uncomfortable Art Tours. 

It is an Exciting Time. Overturning old cliches and discovering new ways to look at the world is always going to be interesting!