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Published: 18 July 2013

By Andy Ross

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Deborah Gray workshops

In October, we are hosting the talented and lovely Deborah Gray who will be teaching spinning and the craft of art yarns for the Wool Week celebrations.

Deborah endered herself to me a while back when she came on our textile tour and immediately found a knitting belt in one of the local charity shops which she had to have! We approve wholeheartedly.

Spinning since the 1970's and having been taught by Mabel Ross, Deborah takes her work all over Scotland and Italy teaching people to spin, from beginners to advanced. She creates the most fabulous art yarns (pics below) and we are really looking forward to the workshops.

All the Wool Week events can be viewed online and our beginners spinning classes are in Yell while the art yarns workshop is in Lerwick. For anyone who does not know how to get to Yell, there is a ferry timetable here and accommodation options can be found here. Why not take a few days and have an adventure with us.

The pictures below are of some of the work Deborah did last year in Italy.

Don't you love the art yarns? I really cannot wait to see what happens this year at our workshops.