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Published: 04 July 2020

By Andy Ross

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Cubism and Fashion

Cubism - think Braque, Leger, Picasso, et al - had a huge effect on the art world, bringing the likes of collage, flat planes, cylinders and cones into the public consciousness. What is not quite as well known though is the influence the movement had on fashion. 

From 1908 through to the 1920s, designers started to discard the previous ideals of fashion and began to drape in different ways, hence the iconic straight-lined cylindrical dresses of the era, and it was Paris that took the lead in the change. Designers and houses such as Worth, Vionnet, Callot Soeurs and Chanel started to produce fashions which took advantage of this "new way of seeing", layering, draping and cutting to flatter the body in different ways. 

The influence of the movement has lasted. In the Chanel link above designs by Karl Lagerfeld clearly show that influence which continues today. 

A new book has been added to the library collection. Cubism and Fashion is the publication that accompanied an exhibition of the same name at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1998. It is an in-depth book of images and text which clearly relates fashion to artworks. Fascinating and thrilling; a great addition to the collection.