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Published: 01 June 2013

By Andy Ross

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The Creepy Crawley Musical

If you receive our blog, you will know that we have had a very busy few weeks going around the islands to Nursery and Primary Schools creating the Creepy Crawley Musical.

The series of four sessions created musical theatre with the schools through a combination of learning material and writing new songs including the bug rap. The best verse in the Bug Rap I thought came from the TIngwall School and it goes:

Here’s a dancing millipede waiting at the gate.

I think he’s waiting for a meal because he’s got a plate! 

Youngsters really do have great imaginations, don't they?

Each school has done something different for the Musical. Cunningsburgh decorated their school and the actors dressed up, Baltasound School in Unst took over the entire hall and got into the spirit of the thing with a long conga line of kicking ants and bugs, and Bells Brae is using the stage for their performance. Sound used their stage but started off in the audience and kicked and shimmied their way on stage with gusto and aplomb.

Music for young people like this is very important, I think. Not only does it help to give them a focus and a task that extends over a period of time, but it stimulates their imaginations, helps them enjoy being active, gives pratical tools for problem-solving and teaches music in a fun way. I am very grateful to Noelle Henderson at Creative Links in the Shetland Islands Council who has funded this series and look forward to even more singing, acting and dancing in schools across Shetland next year.