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Published: 15 January 2015

By Andy Ross

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Are crafts succeeding?

There are many of us who work with crafts and so we were very interested to read about crafts this week on the BBC. 

According to the news-site, creative industries grew three times faster than any other sector of the economy in 2013 and accounted for nearly 6% of jobs in the UK. But in the breakdown of the figures, crafts shows a decline of 8.5% in the number of jobs from the previous year, one of only two sectors which show this decline, publishing being the other. 

But the figures are a little misleading. Take a look at the tables from the estimates from the UK Government for 2015 and indeed that craft decline is there but design and fashion is up. And in the small print throughout the document there is an acknowledgement that crafts are not accurately counted because of the limitations of "industry coding". So, in the absence of any more accurate data, we shall continue to practice our craft and support those who believe in the power of making.