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Published: 10 July 2021

By Andy Ross

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The Crafts Council gallery

The Crafts Council has opened its gallery with an exhibition of craft from its collection. 

Originally this exhibition was due to open in March 2020 but that was postponed to 7th July 2021. Thirteen makers were commisisoned to choose objects that fulfilled the brief "What does craft look like and mean to you?”. Their representation of the craft world is on show along with a contemporary selection by curator Dr Christine Checinska. 

Head on over to this page to see more about the exhibition, where clicking on the name of one of the selectors will take you to their choices. There are some very covetable pieces in this show!

The new gallery space at the Crafts Council is not completely open yet. By the middle of this month, July, the study area should be open too and researchers will be able to book places to work and use the extensive library now housed in the space. It is an exciting venture to have the gallery and study area open again.