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Published: 07 December 2019

By Andy Ross

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The joy of craft

In the depths of winter darkness, craft comes to the rescue!

Today is Saturday and normally we would be home doing the odd jobs and DIY that has been calling out since the summer. However a few months ago I decided to hold a day of craft; textile printing, today. I thought that it might help cheer up a dull day and bring people together for a few hours. In the event one person signed up and I thought it might even be have to be cancelled if the weather turned bad. How wrong I was.

Starting at ten we laughed and chatted, and laughed again, did some printing using stamps and textile inks, chatted some more and laughed some more. Before we knew it - there were three of us because Maggie who volunteers for us came along - it was time to stop and go home. 

We may not have created masterpieces although we were all very happy with what we did, but importantly, I realised something that I had forgotten in the last few years of teaching and getting my businesses going: art and craft brings people together. It enables us to be human, to laugh and enjoy company for a few hours. It helps with isolation and loneliness, and it sets our creativity free to explore and be inspired. 

What a lovely early Christmas present today has been. Thank you Pam and Maggie for brightening a Saturday in December. If you are feeling down, or sad, or lonely, why don't you get a few people together and make something. It really helps!