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Published: 11 February 2015

By Andy Ross

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Setting up a new craft business

We are learning a lot about setting up a new crafty business. And most of what we are learning comes for free from the interweb.

This week there have been two very useful (and valuable) sites which have helped; one for photographing the things we make successfully, and the other, good solid advice about creating an online shop. 

The first one comes from Etsy, the online marketplace, which has some really interesting products from really interesting people on sale. Some of the things these folk are selling are beautifully photographed and here is a very good short film of advice on how one of them, Jessica, has made a real success of photography. Simple when you know how!

Simply being online nowadays is no longer enough. Remember the old days when, as the norm, you could walk into the neighbourhood shop and have a chat? Nowadays the internet is a real force for selling and people still want to have the ability to chat as well as to see lovely things they can admire (and buy), and to get inspiration. So, here is some advice from Jess about setting up a professional online shop. Sensible and surprisingly simple...