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Published: 02 August 2013

By Andy Ross

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The cost of creating

Hot on the heels of the last post about pricing work comes this report from the BBC about the cost of creating using traditional vs modern technology.

The high cost of hand-made is valued by people who understand and appreciate the skill that goes into creating something with care, passion and understanding. The knowledge and application of that knowledge to good quality craft will always be in vogue.

The patterns and colours of the scarf pictured here are from Louise Tucker who worked with us in 2011. Louise took time to explore and find out about the qualities of the yarns she used in this silk and wool piece, and worked on samples for weeks before creating the final collection. We think that this is a fine piece and it has a pride of place in our collection. Surely owning something like this can make us feel special and that is the value we place on the handmade and bespoke. Let's hear it for traditional crafting!