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Published: 22 April 2023

By Andy Ross

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Conversation and Cloth

An Aranda blanket from South Africa made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Winter is heading this way rapidly and it is time to get out the woolies.

The next Conversation and Cloth event will be held on May 12th, a Friday this time. We will start at ten am and will have a look at some of the blankets and rugs in the studio collection. If anyone has any items they would like to talk about and share with the group please bring them along. 

Conversation and Cloth is a monthly event at which items from the textile collection are discussed. If anyone would like to visit the studio upstairs in the Regent Theatre please send an email or call on 0224 058 526 and we can arrange a time for a visit. The stairs are steep up to the studio and there is no disabled access so if anyone has difficulty with managing stairs please contact me and ask about items you would like to see. Over the next few months we will be photographing and cataloguing every item to put online for easy access.