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Published: 07 October 2012

By Andy Ross

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Colour theories...

One of our brilliant contributors (you know who you are; step forward and take a bow!) has commented on the new book in the library about colour mixing and I am passing it on in the interests of truth and research.

We own some pieces made by Ann Sutton where the interaction of different colours of threads is displayed in an ordered and wonderfully creative way. For examples of her work, see this website from the Zimmer Stewart Gallery. Colour mixing in this way is very different to colour mixing with pigments because it is, in effect painting with light rather than physically mixing colours together. How exciting is that!

There is a lot more about colours that we can look at, but, for the moment, try Ann's tip (below)

It is a great idea to try something relatively simple like using the same kinds of threads in warp and weft, but changing the colours in the weft so that you can see how the colours change.

Happy experimenting!