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Published: 01 April 2022

By Andy Ross

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Our new home is a fascianting place. 

Cobden is just across the Grey River from Greymouth and is joined to the town by a road and a rail bridge. The rail bridge is relatively new; a replacement for the beautifully designed Howe Truss wooden bridge that once curved in a graceful "S" shape across the river. It is along the river that The Barber flows, and it is across these bridges that the foggy wind whips on these cooler days of autumn. 

We have been exploring the suburb because of a book, "Remembering Cobden", published in 1986, that relates the first 125 years of the European settlement of this part of the West Coast. It is of particular interest because our home, The Cobden Gospel Hall, is mentioned in the book as having been erected around 1924, making it old by the standards of New Zealand.