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Published: 07 April 2018

By Andy Ross

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Japanese clothing

Two books have arrived for the reference library in the studio: The Clothes of the Ainu People and The Book of Kimono. 

The Kimono book is a style guide and reference about the wearing, different types, care and storage of the garments that have come to symbolise Japanese culture. Our own textile collection includes some fascinating examples of kimono, like this boy's one with tigers and cubs painted on it, and I know very little about them so this is an apposite addition to the reference books. 

The Clothes of the Ainu People is a photographic reference to the clothes that the people in the North of Japan have created using bark, plant fibres, fishskin, cotton and the like. The book is full of photos of beautiful embroidered pieces from various collections and is Number 16 in the Kyoto Shoin's Art Library of Japanese Textiles. A valuable and wonderful addition to the library. 

The reference library is open to the public, although books cannot be borrowed. We have books about weaving, textiles, clothing and their associated arts such as embroidery and applique. If you would like to come to the studio to read the books (we supply coffee and tea to readers) please email us and make an appointment.