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Published: 11 June 2022

By Andy Ross

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Christina Hesford

Growing up in Brazil and Indonesia has provided Christina Hesford a chance to celebrate people as both individuals and as a whole. 

In the work Abacus, Christina used 370 strands of paper yarn, tying knots into each one. With each knot symbolising an imperfection, the piece is a comment on the way in which we count up, and hold onto, our errors and blemishes. In Mapping Series, knots and lines, some continuous and some broken, act as a metaphor for the ways in which people visualise their lives and, in To Repair With Gold, the artist uses the Japanese concept of kintsukuroi - something broken is more beautiful once repaired with gold or silver laquer - to create woven panels with silks, cotton, linen paper and gold foils. 

You can read more about the artist and work on the website