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Published: 20 February 2016

By Andy Ross

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The changeable Shetland weather

It is the season for Weather. Bright sunshine, snow, hail, rain and accompanying rainbows. Just as well as have wool to keep us warm!

Walking to work yesterday in the frosty air with ice crunching underfoot and beautiful light overhead, it is hard to imagine that today we would have snow and dark grey skies mixed in with bright sunshine and warmth. On the walk I passed by three shalders (oystercatchers to those of you who do not know Shetland dialect), harbingers of Spring. Yes, the warmer and longer days are on their way!

Luckily, on these cold days, we have just finished weaving the blankets that Fiona Daly designed for us and so our fingers are being kept warm with tying knots in fringes while our volunteer, Maggie, is sewing up the sides. Fiona Daly's blanket colours Fiona Daly's blanket coloursIt is lovely to see how the colours of the early Spring and the promise of the Summer to come are reflected in the colours Fiona chose for the design, and it is so gratifying to have finished the pieces and been pleased with the results. 

Sunshine over Bluemull Sound Sunshine over Bluemull Sound

A few of our lovely readers have sent emails about the picture I took a few blogs back of the garden in the snow. Here is another from the garden, looking out across the sound to Unst and Fetlar in brilliant sunshine, between the snow showers. And here too is a picture of one of the blankets, nearly ready to go into its final wash. Yippee! Fiona Daly's blanket in the garden at Ferncliff Fiona Daly's blanket in the garden at Ferncliff