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Published: 13 April 2019

By Andy Ross

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A fantastical carpet

Here is another lovely idea; a carpet created to commemorate a 19th Century Finnish writer.

Aleksis Kivi is one of Finland's most well-regarded novelists and the father of the Finnish novel. Although he died in relative obscurity his novels and poems are now considered classics of the language so it is not suprising that the new library in Helsinki has chosen his life as inspiration for a carpet. Depicting the cottage, the writer's brother and family at true scale, the carpet is intended to give a sense of how life was lived back then when Aleksis lived in the house along with them. Life was definitely different then, wasn't it?

The carpet is part of the new library in Helsinki and was designed by Company. The new library has been winning accolades for its design and inclusivity, bringing young and old together into this space for book-related and learning activities. It even has a bank of sewing machines, apparently, for use by anyone in the libary. What is not to like about a place like that?!

Thanks to our roving correspondent for this link.