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Published: 04 May 2019

By Andy Ross

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Caring for Textiles

The care of fabrics and textiles is an art in itself. This book will help us preserve the collection.

Caring for Textiles is a 1977 book, written by Karen Finch and Greta Putnam with illustrations by Danielle Bosworth. Karen Finch was a textiles expert, training in weaving first of all before going on to found the Textile Conservation Centre at Hampton Court Palace. (I haven't found anything about Greta Putnam - can anyone out there in blogland help?) The book is a useful guide looking after textiles, both on display and in storage. It is easy to read and some of the advice is just as practical now as it was then. 

The library is open to the public for browsing. If you would like to use the reference library please get in touch to arrange a time.