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Published: 06 June 2015

By Andy Ross

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A coincidence of Canadians

It seems to be the turn of the Canadians this week, catching our eyes and ears.

From a visit at the start of the week by an inspiring young woman from that country who is going back to her home on a small island to rear sheep and spin and weave (Hi Nicola! Hope the travels are going well.) to our rehearsals at the end of the week of the opera, Jan Tait and the Bear composed by, you guessed it, Canadian composer Emily Doolittle ('Morning, Emily and family.), Canada seems to be in. And then, into the inbox popped an intriguing link to the artist Cybèle Young who uses paper in unusual ways to explore the loss and recovery of everyday objects. Have a look at the pictures on the Wallpaper website (click on the arrows next to the picture to move to the next) to be fascinated and enthralled by what can be done with paper. My favourite is the umbrella-turned-jellyfish story. What is yours?