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Published: 12 September 2020

By Andy Ross

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Looking for Camilla Eames

Joanne B Kaar is an artist and was recently asked to exhibit in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Taking an old jumper that was once her father's and then her husband's, Joanne decided to unravel it and make something else from the wool. Before doing that though, she decided to do some research on the jumper and found out that it was knitted in Orkney in the late 1970s by Camilla Eames. Joanne spoke about the project on the radio in the islands and had a fantastic response from people who remembered Camilla, including the idea that she had maybe moved to Africa. A little more research and Mozambique, specifically Maputo, came up as the place Camilla had moved to, to teach textiles at a recently opened school. Then the trail went cold.

Now Joanne wants to know more about this intriguing story. Have a look at her blog post about this story and, if you know anything, send me an email to pass on. Don't you love a mystery like this!