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Published: 12 April 2014

By Andy Ross

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The Baker-Botanist, Robert Dick

Regular readers of our blog will remember that we wrote about the Portable Museum of Curiosity that Joanne B Kaar created, all about Robert Dick. Now is your chance to see it in person!

We are very pleased to be hosting the art piece in Shetland starting with a display at the studio in Yell. What a fantastic way to discover all sorts of things we didn't know. The piece arrived safely (thanks Northwards for organising shipping and to Caithness Horizons for the loan of the box) and is now displayed in the weave studio. Who knew it was possible to get so much into such a small metal box; beetles, butterflies, leaves and twigs, photographs, a book, baker's tools, a board game, stories and much more. The bugs are made of fabric or woven grass, the twigs out of yarn wraps with paper cut-out leaves, and examples of Robert Dick's collection of mosses are printed onto pop-up panels, just like in those books we loved as children.

The Museum is here for the month and is a joint project, more about which next week. In the interim, do come and see it, and visit the studio and the Shetland Gallery too which are now open for the season.