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Published: 01 December 2018

By Andy Ross

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Some new books

We have some new-to-the-library books.

Our library at the studio grows, sometimes slowly and sometimes quite quickly. That all depends on the second-hand shops, or eBay, or the generosity of people who donate to our shelves. This week we have added some interesting reading.

Wool by H S Bell from Huddersfield Polytechnic was published in 1970 and is a comprehensive study of the fibre, from basic facts through production and marketing. Although the book is nearly fifty years old, it presents ideas in tables which do not date and offers a glimpse of what the industries of the world were like in that far-off decade. Some of the information is valid, of course, and the book is genuinely interesting for anyone who has an interest in wool. 

A page from The Setts of the Scottish Tartans A page from The Setts of the Scottish TartansThe Setts of the Scottish Tartans (the picture on this page is a representative page from the publication) is an original 1950 book which we have long had in the library as a reprint. This original is a finer copy though because of the quality of paper and print. Full of colour, the tartans are described and depicted in stripes, each shade in proportion so it is easy to see how to construct the striped cloth. The text, too, is a real joy; one of the tartans is decribed as having "an unduly clumsy sett". How about that for brutal honesty?! There is a history and practical information about tartan. Altogether a fascinating book. 

Lastly, Glasgow University has produced a booklet about Craft + Place in the Highlands + Islands. This is an exploration of craft across the area and gives an overview of how we view ourselves and our work. We took part in the interviews this summer which informed this project and it is lovely to read about other people who have been inspired by the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to set-up their own businesses in this special part of the world. 

The library in the studio is open for browsing or reading. We supply tea and coffee, a comfortable seating area and table space. To book some time, please contact us on globalyell@btconnect.com.