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Published: 16 March 2012

By Andy Ross

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Bluebeard's Castle

In this day and age, we are very lucky to have the technology to be able to watch opera in our own homes. Tonight, I watched Bluebeard's Castle, Bartok's exploration of the human psyche and the complexity (and frailty) of emotion.

Bartok wrote this piece based on mathematical principles, and the DVD I watched is George Solti's version sung in Hungarian with English subtitles. In a strange twist of fate, the whirlpool that we own that is woven from copper wire and Shetland wool is based on the same mathematical series; Fibonacci.

If anyone is interested in seeing this DVD, please get in touch . I would be very pleased to show it again on a big screen with loudspeakers, and invite folk to see it in the North Isles.