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Published: 13 August 2022

By Andy Ross

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Revision of the blog

Most years we ask readers what they would like to see more of on the blog. 

The blog has been going since 2007. Although the first few years have been lost in the depths of the internet, the majority of entries are still available on the GlobalYell website. Many of the links no longer work but they are a reminder of what has been and what was going on at the time. It has been fun to write the articles and to encounter new things each week to share, but the blog also has to be relevant and that is where readers can help. 

At the moment, the blog is three or four entries a week, mainly focused on textiles from around the world, with some music and art thrown-in for good measure. Now, with the blog coming from New Zealand and not Shetland any longer, the island focus is not something that is easy to continue. After all, the ways in which the news about island happenings can be gathered are open to anyone with an interest: news feeds, Facebook, Instagram, websites, etc. In addition to that issue, New Zealand has plenty of places through which people can learn about textiles: the Te Papa blog and the Costume and Textile Association of NZ to name just two, and worldwide resources like Google Arts and Culture that present textiles and fashion, sometimes in unexpected ways and contexts

It would be very helpful to have your views on the articles so, if you can spare some time, here is a short survey to help us think about the blog. Thank you for continuing to receive the weekly news.