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Published: 06 June 2020

By Andy Ross

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This week's blog

London, like other places across the world, has been protesting. On a walk through our local park this week, one of several walks we do each day, we saw the start of what turned out to be the protest march against racism. Thousands of people moved through the streets of London, peacefully protesting with placards, and chanting. The march turned right and walked along the park's fence and on into the distance, and we went home. 

While this blog is not usually a place for politics, now the clamour for change is deafening and I want to add our voices to those who want that change. 

Without people from all walks of life and all parts of society, our culture is much the poorer. I don't want to live in a world like that. I want to live with humanity and acceptance, hope and love. I will actively try to be part of change by positive action, dialogue and reflection, with myself, and the people and companies I work and live with. 

This week's blog entries are dedicated to standing up to racism.