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Published: 16 January 2021

By Andy Ross

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The Bird Project

It is a good time to be learning something new. 

All across the globe people have been rediscovering nature. Some have been gardening, others have been walking and enjoying being outside. Our feathered friends have been helping too.

Last year I started a project looking at the migration of birds. "Flight" began when I heard a birdcall outside the window. The sound evoked memories of the continent where I grew up and so the project started. Now it has grown into something more substantial - a collaboration with an artist friend, and a music composition course for me. It is good to be writing music and learning about it again. It is something that has been on the plan for decades and this current lockdown offers an ideal opportunity to take the time. 

There are lots of great courses out there. The music composition one is from Morley College in London and over on FutureLearn there are many more, including Extinctions: Past and Present, which I highly recommend, from the University of Cape Town. Best of all, lots of them are free. What a chance to learn more about our world!