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Published: 11 July 2015

By Andy Ross

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The final Big Push

This week, dear readers, we have a truncated newsletter. I am sorry but you will understand why when you read about what have been up to. 

The new studio is almost ready! We took delivery of the compressor this week and all of a sudden I felt very grown up. Paul (thank you) has tested it and the monster machine is not looking quite as scary as it did at first. 

The mess has gradually subsided. We have much less stuff now. The skip outside is full to the brim! We have cleaned and scrubbed, moved furniture and things. It is all looking tidy and ready to receive the new loom. Thank you to everyone who has helped this week, Maggie, Dot, Claire, Mae, Kirsty, Josh, Robert and Phil. 

And now the new loom is in Heathrow! It should arrive next week and installation is set for the 9th August. Suddenly everything seems Very Real, Tremendously Exciting and a Little Bit Scary...

We are still sorting things out. Once we have done that - the last job is Kirsty's shelving in her new studio space - we will move onto the original studio and freshen things up in there. I shall have an office...

We have no pictures this week for which I apologise. I promise you shall have pictures once we are completly done with the studios.

Do pop in if you are up this way. Come and enjoy our new spaces and share in our excitement.