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Published: 19 May 2018

By Andy Ross

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Benjamin Hannavy Cousen

Every year we have interesting people coming to the studio to visit and have a chat. 

Benjamin walked in this week, simply because he was curious about what was in the buildings. (I like people who are curious, don't you? They are invariably knowledgeable and keen to know about the unknown, and that makes life so much more fun.) We got chatting and it turns out that Benjamin is an artist who works in a Very Interesting Way. 

Using acrylics and texts such as Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Benjamin takes colour references literally and figuratively, painting them onto canvases. Now, before you stop reading because that sounds a little dull, his canvases are anything but. Each builds up a layer of paint on top of the previous layers, and moves it along the canvas so that the one edge of a long painting may be a lot thicker than the other edge. In creating in this way the paintings are not only beautiful but, once your eye is in, can be read like the original book. 

It is not just these stories though that interests me. It is the idea that these look just like woven fabrics which shimmer and eddy because of the lines of paint that the artist uses. You can see what I mean here. It has made me think about different ways of creating and weaving our fabrics and thinking in a different way is a Very Useful Thing for anyone who wants to create. Thanks, Benjamin, for coming in and spending time chatting.