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Published: 17 September 2012

By Andy Ross

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Beauty is the first test

Last week, we attended the opening of Beauty is the First Test, an exhibition of the links between craft and mathematics. Ann Sutton is represented by some amazing hangings, and the woven whirlpool is displayed in all its three-dimensional glory. Ann was at the opening too, in her coat of multi-coloured numbers, and we had an hilarious evening, chatting and eating, looking at the pieces and enjoying Liz Cooper's curating of the show at the Pumphouse Gallery. The work on show is thought-provoking and interesting, and there is a full series of workshops and education around the exhibition.

The show presents work by Michael Brennand-Wood, Suresh Dutt, Janice Gunner, Lesley Halliwell, Lucy McMullen, Janette Matthews, Peter Randall Page, Ann Sutton and Laura Thomas, in the beautiful building that was created to pump water for fountains and pools in Battersea Park.

Some of the works and pictures of the opening are shown below. They are presented as pictures with no captions, in the spirit of the show. Look out for Ann's splendiferous coat!