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Published: 21 March 2010

By Andy Ross

Basketmaking workshop

This weekend, I paid a visit to a basketmaking workshop in Sellafirth at the local hall. It was organised and run by Lois Walpole and Jeanette Nowak, and fourteen people came together to learn how to use traditional techniques to make articles out of recycled rope, string, dried plants, wool, textiles and plastic bags.

I have some pictures of the workshop which will be uploaded later but it was so exciting so see everyone working together to make things that I felt the need to blog immediately.

Lois is an internationally known basketmaker and designer, and her website is www.loiswalpole.com. Jeanette is a local basketmaker and visual artist, and has a page on CraftScotland: http://www.craftscotland.org/makers_search_results_by_ID.html.MakerID-1106.html

Thanks everyone for letting me come along and talk to you all, and take pictures.