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Published: 22 January 2014

By Andy Ross

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A bamboo opera house

The city of Hong Kong is where I experienced Cantonese Opera for the first time so imagine how envious I am of anyone going to see and hear the art form in this building across the water in West Kowloon.

During the performance that I saw in the Cultural Centre, people walked in and out, ate and chatted, and joined in with the action on stage with cheers and clapping. It was an experience I will never forget and when I left after three hours, it was still going strong. The amazing costumes and stylised movements are what I remember most.

In today's designboom.com digest, there is a piece about a pop-up theatre made out of bamboo in West Kowloon. Don't you love the colours and the sight of so many lanterns? I like the idea that this art form which used to take place in bamboo theatres is being enjoyed in a building like this again. Hurry though! It closes in a few weeks.