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Published: 06 October 2018

By Andy Ross

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The Shetland Tweed Company - autumn colours

We have been making new cloths in the studio for The Shetland Tweed Company. This is the warp for the autumn collection. 

Weaving colour is one of the joys of making cloth, for us in the studio. These warps are created using the beautiful colours of the autumn in Shetland - red grass, huge clouds of white and blue and violet, rain showers and rainbows, and of course the everchanging colours of the seas which surround our islands. This is A Truly Inspiring time of year.

There is something deeply satisfying about this kind of colour. Those moments when the landscape, or the sea, the sky, or the combination of it all simply astounds and astonishes. The colours of Africa, where I grew up, are strong and bold, as they need to be in the hard sunlight of the tropical plains. The colours of Shetland are more subtle but just as striking. What I love is the way the shades and hues change according to the season, from the brighter tones in the high summer to the cooler and more dramatic colours of the winter. I have tried to capture those colours in this warp and in the watercolour painting I did while I was warping up. Now we just have to see how it weaves. Fingers crossed everyone!