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Published: 14 February 2023

By Andy Ross

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The studio progresses... and other news

The studio sits in the native bush on a hill in Greymouth Mawhera.
The studio is not complete but is usable and a lovely place to be. 

Good morning/ evening wherever you are in the world and welcome to the first "proper" blog of 2023. 

I am writing this from a very sunny West Coast. The North Island is being battered by storms and floods and our thoughts are with everyone who has lost homes, possessions and worse. It feels a little strange to be writing about things such as studios when people are struggling but a little bit of good news goes a long way, to my way of thinking, and I hope that things improve quickly. 

Inside the studio with loom.

This blog entry comes to you from the studio-on-the-hill. Although it is not complete yet - our builder leads an exotic-sounding life, piloting helicopters in Papua New Guinea when he is not home building things - the building is usable. It is so good to have space and peace where I can work on new designs and samples and the beautiful native flora and fauna are truly conducive to creative thinking. There is plenty of light fron the front French doors, and opening windows on the side, while glass blocks on the opposite wall bring in muted shapes and colours and dappled shade. Here is a picture of the studio outside and another of the interior complete with a loom that is being set-up to weave samples for a blanket. As the studio progresses I shall post more photographs. 

Once the studio is done and electricity is installed so the electric piano can be moved into it, the next stage will be to create an accommodation block on the plot of land for visitors, artists and craftspeople. With a view over sea and mountains it is sure to be much in demand. 

In other news we have taken on the space in town where I currently have all the art materials. This is going to become, all being well, the textile collection store and display area, and we will also run workshops and classes in it. The final decision about renting the space will be at the end of the month. Fingers crossed...

At the end of all of this we begin to make links with textile artists from across the globe with the plan being to have residencies and workshops here on the Coast. Isn't that exciting?!

The blog will resume its normal Sunday time from this week.