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Published: 21 November 2020

By Andy Ross

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Article of the Week - number forty-one - woven pieces by Ann Sutton

Ann Sutton's work is well-known to most weavers and her work will be familiar to those interested in British design.

These two pieces are Multiples, each one (of 12) made to investigate some aspect of the weaving process. The first (left) was handwoven in about 1998 and the idea behind it was to weave together two cloths, one made with warm colours and one with cool colours. As you may notice, the colours in each are sequential and the concept was to see what happened when these two cloths were interwoven. It is made of mercerised cotton. 

The second (right) is handwoven linen and was woven around 2004 on a digital loom. This piece is a response to the landscape Where the South Downs Meet the Sea. Each of the pieces, again 12 in number, is slightly different in both the weaving and the image so, in effect, each is unique. 

Ann Sutton often wove very small pieces because of her "liking for the edges of woven cloth". These pieces are naturally contained within the selvedges so no stitching or cutting is necessary. Needless to say the technique of handweaving with such exactitude is awe-inspiring, as anyone who has woven anything can relate.

Apologies for the picture quality. Both of these pieces are behind glass and are difficult to photograph.