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Published: 12 February 2015

By Andy Ross

The art in textiles

The internet is everywhere, it seems and isn't that fantastic! Here is some of what we found one evening while browsing the Web. 

Ideas, inspiration and pure marvellousness. Even from our island home we have easy access to some amazing things on the WorldWide Web. From Thailand comes Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew who paints ethereal portraits onto tulle. Love the delicate see-through, almost-not-there nature of the figures. Bethany Taylor, on the other hand, uses a single thread to draw creatures, people, birds, boats... to raise our awareness of pollution.  

But our favourite this week has got to be this dance piece from French performance art duo Adrien M and Claire B which uses computer generated graphics to stunning effect. Light becomes fluid as the dancers move across the stage. Beautiful and stylish. 

Thanks to beautifuldecay.com for the links.