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Published: 13 March 2015

By Andy Ross

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The Spring has arrived

Here in the far North of the UK Spring has been on the horizon for weeks but today it has finally arrived at the weave studio in Sellafirth. 

Each year, a pair of 'shalders', oystercatchers to those not in Shetland, make their nest in the rocky hillside outside the studio building. The noisy pair in the summer fly overhead, chase off intruders and usurpers, and generally make a racket which heralds the arrival of youngsters, but the first glimpse we see of them is when one arrives on the doorstep to scope out good nesting spots. 

This morning, coming into work on foot, our resident shalder wasn't here but this sunny and warm afternoon there he stands, resplendent in red, black and white. Truly a harbinger of the good months to come. Please be careful if you visit us; our much loved birdy family loves to run around the car park.