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Published: 04 June 2016

By Andy Ross

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Weaving Army Cloth

A couple of days ago I went across to The Shetland Gallery next door to have a chat (and excellent coffee). There was a peerie (Shetland for "small") surprise waiting...

Shona Skinner, owner of the Gallery and creator of beautiful embroideries, brought out a book about Robert Colquhoun, the Scottish painter and set designer. The picture Shona showed me is of two women, seated at a loom making cloth for the Army during the Second World War. The picture is in the collection of the British Council and you can see it here.

Robert Colquhoun and his partner, Robert MacBryde, were influential and successful painters who made their names in the 1940's and were feted by magazines and art galleries. Tragically they both died as their fame was waning - you can read more about their lives and art here - but they are once again being recognised for their contribution to British art. And I love the picture, Shona; Weaving Army Cloth. Thank you for showing me.