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Published: 11 May 2013

By Andy Ross

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Our ancient past

Isn't serendipity a wonderful thing? This week has been one of archaeological happenings, full of mystery, wonder and amazing art and craft.

For those of us in the UK, check out the BBC iPlayer for a series called Archaeology - A Secret History.  Richard Miles presents the way our present has been informed by the ancient and not-so ancient past. There are some tantalising shots of wall carvings from Mexico, heiroglyphs from Egypt, and mosaics from Roman Britain.

Also on the BBC, there is a 1958 film about the structures of Great Zimbabwe in what was then Rhodesia. Entitled Buried Treasure, King Solomon's Mines, it is very much of its time, accents and all, and presents some interesting shots of these enigmatic and wonderful stone buildings. The herring bone decoration created from granite blocks is a must-see; how to make stone appear light and yet solid.

If you are not in the UK, iPlayer is probably not avilable to you, but there are some amazing documentaries t online via topdocumentaryfilms.  I have watched films this week about art, music, people living in remote places preserving old traditions, and about wolves returning to Chernobyl after the nucleur fallout. See what you can find and let us know!