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Published: 02 April 2016

By Andy Ross

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Studio update April 2016

It is now officially British Summertime and visitors have started to come into the studios and Gallery. 

It being the Busy Time of year we have plans to finish all the work we need to do in the studio before the real influx of people in May and June, the height of the season. Over the next few days we will be fitting out a display area in the new studio with shelves, brackets and beams for bales of blankets and rolls of cloth, we will be sorting out the sitting area for the library so people can come and relax while reading and researching, and we will be finishing warping up the next set of fabrics on the loom. We have a new label for our blankets - picture left - and the website for our new Production Company is almost done. You can have a sneak preview at www.globalyellproduction.co.uk and soon we will have the cloths that you can order from us for upholstery and interior design on there too. 

The Shetland Tweed Company, that new venture Kirsty and I have established is also moving ahead quickly. our website is nearly complete - details next week - and we have been planning visits and making many, many samples for trade shows. It is a Very Exciting Time for us all in the studio...